3 mindset changes that improved our productivity

It has been more than one year when we started playing with the idea to make an applicant tracking system. The idea was to build a simple tool that would be easy to use, for both recruiters and candidates. As many others we fell into the loop of featuritis (also know as feature creep or creeping featurism).

So, why after one year we still don’t have any customers. For us it breaks down to this:

  1. Not a full time commitment. In the last year we have only spend 2 hours per working day on building the software.
  2. No priority for features. We engineers tend to get excited when solving hard problems, but this is not always aligned with business goals.
  3. Motivation. It was (and still is) a challenge to motivate ourselves to work on something that might not be profitable.

How we learned to fix that during last couple of weeks:

  1. Stop thinking about it as a pet project. We started talking about PLY publicly, updated LinkedIn profiles etc. All this made us to take it more seriously.
  2. Getting customer feedback. When we learned what exactly our clients need, our focus in development went directly there.
  3. Embracing the risk. We are service providers and our work has relatively low risks. So how do you reduce risk of building a SaaS business? You don’t, you accept it and make it to work for you as a motivation to stay focused.

We haven’t found the magic potion to solve our problems, but we essentially understand what we are doing and this helps us going forward.