5 reasons startups should use Drupal

I like to be technology/platform agnostic, but last couple of years I’ve built everything on top of Drupal. I get this question many times: “Why not using something else?”. My answer is usually: “I became so good at using it, that it only makes sense to me”.

I tried to came up with some objective reasons, to rationalise my future decision.

1. It’s open source

Software is the bricks and mortar of your business. If you don’t own it, then someone else has the control over you startup. Open source also means no up-front cost for licenses. Since so many people know how to work with Drupal, you are also not locked in with developers.

2. Integrates with 3rd party services

Do you really want to spend your time building custom payment solutions, analytics or notifications systems? We live in a time that there is an API service for everything. There is also a Drupal module for every popular API service. This enables you to build your solutions quicker and cheaper, without developing the integrations yourself.

3. Safe and reliable code

With a community of thousands of people working on the code it became of of the biggest open source communities in the world. The biggest challenges was to ensure the code in all 10.000 modules is secure and reliable. Drupal has a centralised system for modules and it is very rare you would download a module from Github or private websites. This enables moderators to control who releases what. Also, there is a special security team watching over the code.

4. Enterprise oriented software

When I first joined the community, Drupal was compared to WordPress more often than it is today. From some different perspective I would say WP has won the battle against Drupal. On the other hand, Drupal has won the battle of enterprise CMS platforms by far. Why is this important to your startup? It puts you shoulder by shoulder to Twitter, CISCO, Tesla and many others.

5. It’s a safe investment

There is a 90% chance you will fail. Now, if you pick a technology that you will invest your time to learn, then pick something you can use on your next project.  On the other hand there is a big demand for Drupal developers out there, if you will ever want to get a regular job and take some time off from startup madness.


Would love to hear from you too, what platforms would you recommend to me, and why?


  • Fair points, though I wouldn’t necessarily agree that Drupal is a good choice for tech startups. Other startups can benefit from Drupal because it can provide a solid base for their presentation, but not to build their product on.

    Most tech startups will use Rails or Django, simply because they allow them to change the requirements more easily and can scale without major issues; on top of that, integration with third party or custom services is more streamlined when you do that through a framework vs CMS, such as Drupal.

    Finally, startups will generally have limited access to Drupal developers. Most of Drupal devs focus on enterprise and large scale projects – so finding someone who is familiar with Drupal *and* is interested in startups might be a challenge.


    • Thank you for your feedback. Yes I agree with you, Drupal is not perfect to build product on, but in some cases it is best to build the MVP – the most important milestone of a product.