5th anniversary of not having a job

A view of not having a job.

Today my LinkedIn profile says it’s my 5th anniversary at AGILEDROP. Officially that is not exactly true, but 5 years ago I truly did leave my last full time job. With more time on my hand I was able to experiment with different technologies and working with people remotely. I had my first US based clients working on a Drupal site just a couple of months later.

Last 5 years were fantastic, I was able to work on great projects, traveled a lot and meet remarkable people. It happens to be that I am entering the next milestone in my career just now. If 5 years ago I was betting on myself, today I am betting on the people around me. AGILEDROP team is moving into its own office and we are building our first SaaS product PLY.JOBS.

(The photo shows the view from the new office, you can see the Ljubljana Castle.)