6 types of pitches you need to prepare

My latest read is To sell is human by Daniel H. Pink. It covers a lot about selling, or better, moving people. Book gives you real life examples and exercises at the end of each chapter. Chapter 7 is about pitches, and is very practical. Daniel points out 6 types of pitches:

  1. The One-Word Pitch
  2. The Question Pitch
  3. The Email Pitch
  4. The Rhyming Pitch
  5. The Twitter Pitch
  6. The Pixar Pitch

This are mine exercise results for pitching PLY.JOBS:

  1. Engage
  2. Why are candidates left out of your recruitment process?
  3. See why candidate engagement can optimize your recruitment process
  4. To know your candidate, you need him to engage
  5. Four ways to engage your candidates in order to save your time
  6. Once upon a time recruiters struggled to get good candidates for their clients. Every day, they were spending large amounts of time doing repetitive tasks and sometimes even spending time on wrong candidates. One day recruiters got a hold on a new tool Ply.jobs. Because of that they were able to engage the candidates who were able to provide them with more information about themselves. Because of that recruiters were spending less time interviewing wrong candidates. Until finally recruiters were able to give their clients the best candidates ever, those who might be missed in their old process.