Apocalypse survival kits don’t sell if there is no apocalypse

Couple of weeks ago there was a lot of buzz in the Slovenian tech community about Oivo – a little widget that enables you to recharge you iPhone with 4 AA batteries. The team ended their Kickstarter campaign, realising that they will not reach the goal.

My first impression was that Oivo was useful enough to keep it in your travel bag for worse case scenarios, but definitely not useful enough to keep it on your keychain all the time. My believe is this is why they were not able to reach the goal.

People have hard time imagining the worse case scenario. Couple of years ago there was a boom with selling life Insurances with savings plan. You would get calls from high school friends trying to sell you a plan. On their BS seminars they were taught that people do not care about insurance, so they focused on the part about how much money will they save after 30 years. They were right, no one cared about insurance when in one piece.

Trying to sell something? You think beyond apocalypse survival kits.