The best advice will first offend you and then make you think

I see so many people using motivational quotes from heroes of modern world as advice on how to move along their life. Reading those quotes only makes you feel good momentarily – but does it help you take actions?

I had developed an almost unhealthy bullshit shield. It starts with understanding what the person giving the advice has achieved in their life. Does it apply to the problem I am looking the help for? Does a quote from Steve Jobs really solves my business issues? Books are a good example where most of the time authors romanticise about a possible solution, without being able to implement what they preach in real life.

The second thing I evaluate in an advice is the emotional feeling around it. What I learned is, that a good advice will make me feel uncomfortable or even offended. Good advice will break an idea in your head and turn it upside down. Even if the advice is both wrong an negative it stills brings additional value – because you think about your idea from an different perspective.

So, my advice to everyone getting advices is to embrace the negativity. The moment you feel your ego is getting an erection, you are not getting an advice but a compliment.