Quiet people run this world

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired after a social activity? Small talks bore the hell out of you? Or why you stand away from the crowd, usually near the exit? Well, let me brake it to you, you are probably an introvert. No, its not a disease – although some people feel like they are different and damaged from it.

My advice is that you read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It really changed how I see myself when it comes to social interactions. The society that we live in encourages extrovertism and sees introverted people as shy or even unconfident. As Susan Cain explains with many examples, the real shakers of modern society were really introverts. It is interesting, that introverts can go out of their comfort zones when needed. This happens to me during a meeting or even when doing presentations – otherwise I will be quiet as a mouse.

Susan also had an inspiring TED talk The power of introverts, that is definitely worth sharing.