Bootstrap podcasts

I am always surprised when I run into a new community around something that I am passionate about. This time it’s the bootstrap community. So bootstrap in this context means to start a new business with own resources. By resources I don’t (necessary) mean money to burn, but rather time and energy.

I came across podcast called Startups for the rest of us. Each week they are talking about personal experiences in building a company by bootstrapping. There also also many other podcast, like and Bootstrapped with kids. What I like about those podcast is that they are done by people actually running a business. They have occasional self promotion, but delivered as valuable content.

I encourage you to listen to them if you run any kind of business (I am not even going to say online, everything is online!). The topics spread from solving technical problems for SaaS companies to making sure customers are happy.


(One thing I noticed is that, I really enjoy listening to podcasts while cleaning the dishes. Try that too!)


Photo by Staffan Vilcans