Drupal consulting

I have been working with Drupal from 2006 and during that time I helped build more than 50 Drupal websites and apps.

Setting up information architecture

To build a sustainable and future proof software you need a solid infrastructure. This is where I can advise you how to set up your environment based on Drupal’s best practices.

Drupal consulting on site building, development and theming

Before getting your hands dirty with code please go and learn about best practices. I say please because I’ve done a lot of cleanup after some work was done, and it is not pretty. It will also cost you more money than doing it right from the start.

Development optimisation with open source

What you will find is, that many developers will not question you requirements. This means that they will try to build whatever you tell them to build. This seems obvious, but what if there is another, easier way that will bring the same results? I always try to find ways for client to save time and money but still get the features needed.


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