Fastest way to build a landing page on your Drupal site

Landing pages are a must-have for any web business. Every marketer will tell you that pointing ads to a home page is a waste of money. Actually, any campaign should have a dedicated landing page to maximise the the conversion.

Here is the problem: setting-up landing pages in Drupal is not easy. Modules like Panels and Display Suite sure can help, but the flexibility is far from needed. Also, landing pages have to be tweaked over and over again. This can be super time consuming and expensive if you hire designers and developers.

We found a way that enables people with no Drupal skills build completely custom landing pages within minutes. 

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

First, we need to be open to use a tool outside of Drupal. Instapage got our attention.

Instapage is a service that enables anyone to build landing pages with an intuitive drag&drop editor. It includes features like A/B testing, webform builders, analytics, and much more. And we started with that.

Unfortunately we could only publish landing pages on subdomains. We noticed support for Wordpress where landing pages can be put on the domain’s path (eg We reverse engineered the WP plugin and made Instapage module for Drupal.

This means you can build your landing page on Instapage and then import it to your Drupal site. You can choose on which URL this page will be located. When you edit the page on Instapage, the changes are immediately visible on the live site, without touching Drupal! I recorded a short screencast explaining how Instapage for Drupal works.

We started using Instapage to set up all public page and ended up saving whole lot of time. I do have to explicitly mention that in order to use this feature inside Instapage, you have to go with a paid account. If you think about how much does an hour of your Drupal developer cots, it’s still super cheap!

Now go, Install and try Instapage module for Drupal.