What movie Locke taught me about the simple things

I so need to FOCUS a bit more on the simple things in life~EXPLORED [ Way over 10,000 Views thanks everyone ]

Watching Locke was a refreshing experience for me. I am not a sophisticated film critic, but I have never failed my self watching a movie with a bad review twice. This post also begins with a bit of a spoiler alert.

We are so hungry for action. So hungry for more information that we feel trapped watching one man dealing with his average Joe’s problems while commuting. When you strip all the action from a movie, you are left with a story. This is what happened in Locke and the story was the only thing left to consume. With that much consummation sensibility it made Ivan’s story felt like the first couple of minutes of Saving private Ryan.

There is a lot of talk about the simple things. Simple things make us happy. Simple design is more useful. Simple sentences are more clear. When we consume less information it brings more value to us.

So, next time you need to solve a big problem break it half. From those two problems take the most crucial one and break that one too. Don’t stop breaking them until you see your problem in all its clearness. Solve that problem and you solved your big problem.

Bootstrap podcasts

Army boots

I am always surprised when I run into a new community around something that I am passionate about. This time it’s the bootstrap community. So bootstrap in this context means to start a new business with own resources. By resources I don’t (necessary) mean money to burn, but rather time and energy.

I came across podcast called Startups for the rest of us. Each week they are talking about personal experiences in building a company by bootstrapping. There also also many other podcast, like bootstrapped.fm and Bootstrapped with kids. What I like about those podcast is that they are done by people actually running a business. They have occasional self promotion, but delivered as valuable content.

I encourage you to listen to them if you run any kind of business (I am not even going to say online, everything is online!). The topics spread from solving technical problems for SaaS companies to making sure customers are happy.


(One thing I noticed is that, I really enjoy listening to podcasts while cleaning the dishes. Try that too!)


Photo by Staffan Vilcans

Hello world!

I have an itch I want to scratch, it is writing. Not necessary writing, more contributing content. I remember some attempts in the past (in the early days of blogs) that did not end very good, I am afraid.

Anyhow, this is it.